It is one thnig for a young girl to get up there with her hopes and dreams and make a really bad song/video like Rebeca Black did with “Friday”, but there is just no excuse when you are a middle aged woman who should know better.

Tonje Langeteig was seeking her piece of internet fame… and it looks like she’s going to get it, just not in the way that she expected.

The song starts with the lyrics: ” Hi, My name is Tonje. I’m a little pretty girl… trapped inside a grown-ups body.”

It all goes downhill from there.

On behalf of the internet, thank you for posting videos that show you have no idea how untalented you are. On behalf of my ears… OMGWTF is wrong with you?

A special side note to the sideways hat wearing, popped-collar “rappers” that appear in the video. 1991 called. They wanted to let you know that you still would have sucked back then too.