We hear plenty of stories about sites being hacked lately… usually the name Sony is somewhere on the article. While the Sony hacks caused heartbreak to millions of gamers around the world, a recent cyber attack by the British intelligence agency, MI-6 might have actually saved some lives… in a funny and very tasty way.

The recently revealed that they had launched a cyber attack that prevented the launch of the very first official English language al-Qaida site.

The best part of the attack was how they took down the site, an online terrorist mag called “inspire”. Perhaps the MI-6 agents were inspired by the article on the site called “How To Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom”, when they inserted cupcake recipes into the coding for the site.

The CIA has actually come up against the announcement of the cyber attack, saying that announcing it reveals intelligence methods that it uses to deal with the online Jihadist threat. Personally, it sounds more like someone over there is on a low carb diet and in desperate need of some tasty, tasty cup cakes.

Source: Guardian