If you don’t like Betty White, you have no soul. The woman has been awesome since before your parents were born and she seems to just get cooler and cooler as each year goes by. She’s pretty much taken her spot as America’s Grandma… Not the one who makes you cookies and sends you eighteen dollars on your birthday, but the one you drink whiskey and play poker with.

Betty has now teamed up with a new company hoodiebuddie to promote a great new line of functional apparel. Not only are they making t-shirts with Betty all over them, but they have a great selection of hoodies (both with and without Betty on them.) Now, here’s what makes these things that much cooler… The hoodies have built in headphones for your mp3 player. That is not only super convenient, but pretty amazing when you consider that they are machine washable. Another great thing about the clothing is that a portion of every sale goes to Betty White’s Animal Foundation.

Check out Betty’s video below for the hilarious video of Betty at the office and check back in about a month to see what we think of the actual hoodies when we feature them in our 2nd annual YBMW holiday gift guide.

One thought on “Betty White Takes Charge at hoodiebuddie.com”

  1. I am really loving this. It seems to me that Betty keeps getting funnier as time goes on. Her hoodies are really nice; I think I’m going to buy one for the coming Fall/Winter season. long live hoodie weather and Betty White!

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