There have been a couple videos of people tracking down stolen computers and things like that online and they’ve all gone viral. After all, everyone likes to see justice, especially when it means some ass getting busted. This new video just popped up in the last couple days, but it has already reached over 500,000 people. In it, the stolen property isn’t a computer, but a $2,500 bike. It was stolen in Portland, but the owner, Jake Gillum was not willing to give up. He tracked all the surrounding cities on Craigslist until he found his bike being offered for sale over 100 miles away in Seattle Washington. That is when he sprang into action. Using a fake name and a burner app for his phone, he called the guy and offered to buy the phone. What happened next is what we call internet gold.

He and his friend confronted and chased down the guy who stole the bike. While Jake was waiting for the police to arrive, he even got the guy to admit that he knew the bike was stolen, though he would not admit that he was the guy who did the stealing.