Brandon Bird is a great artist. He’s created some of the coolest pop culture based art that is around today. He actually got some viral attention last year with his Law and Order SVU valentines cards. His new lunchboxes though… those are a thing of beauty.

Who wouldn’t want an Eric Roberts lunch box featuring him astride a white stallion? I mean, come on! He was in ‘The Pope of Greenwich Village’ for Christ sake!

Then there’s his animated ‘Gran Torino’ lunchbox!?! It actually makes me wish there was a TV cartoon series of the movie. Who wouldn’t want to see a cartoon Clint Eastwood pissing off every race possible on Saturday mornings. I wonder if he’d get a little alien Sidekick…

Either way… these are just too cool not to check out. With the holidays around the corner, they’d definitely make a unique gift. They are only $20 a piece, but if you want it, grab it fast because each lunch box is limited to 50 pieces.