It is amazing that such beautiful pieces of art could be created from what is probably the darkest show ever to air on TV. Leave it to Gallery 1988 to put together a show that could make it happen. Their Breaking Bad Art Show is currently on display at the gallery in Los Angeles and I’d suggest getting over to check it out. As good as these images look on the computer, I’m betting that they look 100 times better on the computer.

The artists in the show include:
Aled Lewis
Bennett Slater
Brad Hill
Carlos East
Casey Weldon
[singlepic=44946,520,440,,right]Glen Brogan
Ian Glaubinger
Jason Marz
Jesse Riggle
Joey Spiotto
Jonathan WAY$HAK
Ken Garduno
Kiersten Essenpreis
Kirk Demarais
Kyle Norris
Lora Zombie
Matt Taylor
Mayra Fersner
Michelle Coffee
Mike Mitchell
Nicole Guice
Pretty In Plastic X Tristan Eaton
Rich Pellegrino
Scott Derby
Travis Louie

Source:; Nerdcore