Interstellar travel is getting closer and closer. Last week we had a breakthrough in fusion. Today, we’ve got a teen from Egypt who just patented his new next-generation propulsion system that is theoretically capable of sending ships to other solar systems without using a drop of fuel.

I don’t think I could walk and chew gum at the age of 19, this kid may have just opened the door to the galaxy. His name is Aisha Mustafa and his system gets rid of traditional rocket boosters in favor of a more futuristic concept. At this point it all turns into greek to me as I have my degree in advertising and public relations and this is built upon the concept of quantum physics.

“Mustafa’s idea works on the principle that space is not a vacuum. Instead, it is filled with a roiling sea of particles and anti-matter particles that are created and then destroy themselves in a blink of an eye.

Mustafa believes that this quantum effect can be harnessed via the dynamic Casimir effect. This utilizes a “moving mirror” cavity, where two reflective flat plates are held close together and then manipulated in order to interact with the quantum particles. By moving the plates (which are made of silicon), energy is created out of nothing and a net force is created which would be used to push, pull or propel a spacecraft.”

One of the biggest upsides to this is that the ship would need no external fuel. It works similarly to solar. In geek terms… Even the USS Enterprise needs dilithium crystals. This dude is smarter than Scotty and Laforge!

Source: Inhabitat