It what might be one of the silliest lack of background checks that we’ve ever seen… The Miss Universe Canada contest has just disqualified a contestant because they were not a “natural born male”. Here’s what the director Denis Davila, had to say about booting Jenna Talackova:

“According to Davila, Talackova claimed on her registration form she was born a female. He said he suspected otherwise and asked her about it on March 13, when she admitted she was not. She was pulled from the contest that day.
‘She feels like a real girl and she is a real girl. She didn’t expect people to question it,’ Davila said.
‘She was hoping we could put her back in the competition, but the rules are very clear and there’s no way we can go back on it.’”

The funny thing is that they could have learned about this in advance… had they used Google. A simple search on YouTube reveals that she competed in the Miss International Queen transgender/transsexual competition. In the video below (after the host gets real creepy about the first contestants new boobs), Talackova says that she first knew she was a female at the age of 4 and began hormone therapy at 14.

Jenna’s segment begins around the 7:50 mark… but watch from the beginning to laugh at the creepy interviewer.

Source: Vancouver Observer