For the few of us that remember this Charlie Sheen wanna be “Mad Max” film, here’s an odd find. While perusing Ebay for odd movie memorabilia as I do I stumbled upon a man selling the turbo interceptor from “The Wraith” (1986) for $325k. This lead me to question if it was real. In the description there was a website the seller had made which details his restoration of the car. This seems like one hell of a pointless endeavor but one man and his auto shop decided it was important to restore a car five of us 80’ s film geeks give a shit about. Truthfully I don’ t think I care that much but I got to hand it to the guy for loving a forgotten movie so much he’ d go to that length to restore the car. Check out his website detailing the restoration and the cars history.

Check out the Ebay listing here, pending expiration.

I remember thinking how badass Charlie Sheen was with his futuristic shotgun, helmet, and car. Though if you think about it he’ s suppose to be a ghost or something getting revenge on the greaser gang that killed him.

Movie not ringing a bell? Here’s the trailer to the film “The Wraith.”