The X Factor is coming to the US this fall with Simon Cowell, but the show has been making headlines for years in the UK where it originated. A couple of years ago, the show had it’s biggest success when an unassuming house Frau stepped up on to the stage and sung so well that her videos ended up becoming some of the most popular to ever appear on Youtube. However, not everyone who gets up on the stage is talented and now the show is under fire for allowing one woman to audition for a fourth time.

Her name is Ceri Rees and while she doesn’t have the voice of an angel, she does have the persistence of, well, something that is very persistent. While she has appeared on the show several times before, some fans are saying that her appearance this year was just an attempt to exploit a poor old woman and humiliate her on TV.

Ceri bombed her attempt to perform a song from Les Miserables, but the judges then allowed her to continue and try a different song, after making a couple patronizing comments about her screw up. Whether you agree with it or not, the video is pretty epic in its badness.

Singer lily Allen has even come out publicly against the show:
“They shouldn’t have aired that audition on television. That woman is clearly ill.”

Several other broadcasters have commented that the show has crossed a line and have just started exploiting people.

Here’s the video. What do you think?