An IKEA store in Sydney Australia recently introduced Manland, a grown up version of home furnishing retailer’s Smalland Play Area for children desired to keep bored husbands and boyfriends enteretained while their wives and girlfriends go shop.

The adult “play space” comes equipped with video game consoles, flatscreen TVs, arcade/pinball machines, foosball table and even free hot dogs.

While Manland is not supervised, women are required to “pickup” and collect their significant other within 30 minutes.

“Despite most men dreading a trip to the shops, we still attract a high proportion of male customers,” Publicity manager Jude Leon said. “So we’re expecting the scheme to be a real success with both sexes.”

Manland is open from Thursday September 1 to Sunday September 4 from 10am-6pm at Sydney’s IKEA store at Homebush Bay.


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