A couple months ago, we featured the very funny viral video, Deadpool vs Comic Con. The video, which attracted millions of views featured someone in a Deadpool costume going up against the cosplayers at SDCC 2012. Well, The Merc With A Mouth is back and this time he’s taking on the song from the hottest viral video on the net.

Gagnam Style has gotten so big that it is getting regular airplay on US radio and it has become a major topic of conversation everywhere from reddit to NPR. I guess the original video is cool… but now that Deadpool is involved, it has suddenly become a lot more interesting.

Official Video Description:

Got a lot of requests to do this… so here you go!

Special thanks to Ace, Chris, Evi, Konran, Jason (Bane), Jesse (Gundam), Johnny, Rachel and all the random people who wanted to dance on an invisible horse with me.

Music: PSY – Gangnam Style