According to the, a Michigan woman claimed that she accidentally killed her Sheltie pup with a Nintendo Wii remote.

Kathy White was reported to have been playing Wii bowling when Ozzy, a 5-month-old Sheltie, jumped up and was struck.

“Alexis and I were bowling and Ozzy was standing by me, and he jumped up and I hit him in the temple and killed him instantly,” White tells reporters.

Frantically, White called a neighbor for help, but his heart had stopped and Ozzy stopped breathing. That was when the quick thinking neighbor began administering doggie CPR by breathing through into his nose.

Ozzy coughed and woke up and was immediately rushed to a local animal hospital. According to the veterinarian, the dog had severe brain swelling and was in cardiac arrest.

The good news is, Ozzy is now back to normal, however banned from the room whenever the family plays Wii.

Source: App