From War Machine to the eco-friendly Captain Planet Don Cheadle is making waves in the hero world. In this clip recently released we see his new spin on the Captain and he’s much darker and edgier for a more contemporary film and non-recycling world.

If you know anything about ‘the cartoon Captain Planet” then you know it sucks and doesn’t deserve a film at all. This clip makes us all eat our words and I’ll be first in line for the ‘Captain Planet’ film!


Yes I know it’s a sketch! I could only dream of a world so fucking cool that Don Cheadle is goofy face paint and a muscle suit would be projected on the silver screen. This is a really well done sketch and just a big way to go to FoD for making Captain Planet “stop being polite and start being real.”

Sidenote: Am I a racist and a creep for thinking Brenda Song looks cute in that incredibly racist Chinese railroad worker type wig? What can I say I love a good stereotype.