Kerry Callard and her boyfriend Alec Goff filmed themselves laughing hysterically with play-by-play driving over a large puddle and splashing children waiting at a nearby bus stop in Plymouth, Devon.

Callard, 29, has since been cited by the police who are treated the incident as a road traffic offense, which carries with it a maximum fine of £2,500.

The couple claims that prior to the footage seen in the YouTube video the children were asking to be splashed so they complied with their request.

“If the kids weren’t saying, ‘Splash me, splash me,’ I certainly wouldn’t have done it,” Callard told the Telegraph.

Says Sgt Gary Watson of the Plymouth West Sector response team: “It could have potentially been that as well as splashing them, they ran them over, and then we would have had six or seven people dead at the roadside.”