Elon Musk’s Boring company is definitely cool. As to whether their hyperloop will actually work, I still have my doubts. A giant underground vacuum tube that runs through an area known for earthquakes seems more than a little sketchy, but I’m not an engineer so what do I know. At least with their Loop project, they are only dealing with high-speed underground transportation and leaving out the vacuum. Either way, the point is, digging that huge ass tunnel means that their drills are displacing a ton of dirt. So what do you do with all that waste? According to Musk, the company is preparing to turn it all into low-cost building materials that can be used to build affordable housing.

While there have been no details about availability or cost, Musk did tell reporters that the interlocking bricks could be used to assemble the outer walls of a small home in a single day by two people.

Check out these videos of Boring using Teslas to haul the dirt from the tunnels and another video which shows the plan for the LA loop system.

Tesla Muck Carts from The Boring Company on Vimeo.

The Boring Company from The Boring Company on Vimeo.