If you have watched any cartoons in the last twenty years and you love Star Wars, you are in for the most excellent hour and twenty minutes of you day!

Sure, the idea of a radio play style reading of Star Wars: A New Hope might sound kind of old fashioned and hokey, but this is so much more than you could ever imagine. At Emerald City Comiccon, the all-stars of voice acting talent including (Rob Paulsen), Jake from Adventure Time (John DiMaggio), and Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls (Tara Strong) and more gathered on stage to voice act the film.

No, they didn’t just impersonate the characters from the film, they switched every scene into different voices from Pinkie Pie to Bender to Pinky and The Brain and dozens of others.

There are two ways to enjoy this masterpiece. If you are working, you can have a great time by just playing it in the background and enjoying the audio. However, if you have the time, watch the video as well. Watching the best of the best in the world of voice acting is truly amazing!

Source: neatorama