If you can think of it, there’s a dating site for it. There’s one for Farmers, there’s one for Goths. There’s one for Geeks, and yes, there’s even one for die hard Disney fans called MouseMingle.com. I bet old Walt had no idea that single people would find life-long love, all because he made a mouse on a boat talk, 88 years ago today.

It makes total sense. Mickey got his Minnie, Donald got his Daisy, heck, even Goofy got his Clarabelle. It seems only fair that the people who live all year long with Disney in their hearts have a chance to find their prince or princess too!

The owner of the site, Dave Tavres, even started the site because he was looking for someone who loved Disney as much as he does. That’s why he designed the online dating profile to ask special questions like:

– Do you have an Annual Pass to a Disney Theme Park?
– What’s your best Disney memory?
– What’s your favorite song?

To a Disney fan, questions like that make much more sense than: Do you like to hike, or Are you a vegetarian?

Here’s the animated short that started it all, Steamboat Willie: