Colombian YouTuber Dicken Schrader may spend all of his days working on MTV and VH1 in South America, but the music doesn’t stop when he gets home. That is when he teams up with his two small children in a small, fully geeked-out studio (check out the Transformers and other assorted toys on his wall) and they make some pretty awesome music together. We were lucky enough to find this videos of them all creating some kick ass covers of the classic Depeche Mode Tunes: “Everything Counts”, “Strangelove” and “Shake The Disease”. Along with all the normal music instruments, Schrader and his kids employ everything from Coca- Cola bottles to an old Fisher Price playset to perfect their sound.

Dicken goes down as one of the coolest dad’s in the world for working on this with his kids. He also goes down as one of the most patient for not screaming when his daughter starts attaching alligator clips to his face.

Source: Nerdcore