News anchor Lisa Dutton of Global Saskatoon in Canada makes the classic Freudian slip mistake as she reports about an upcoming sausage competition… you know, the kind you eat and not just put in your mouth.

“It’s a sausage competition that I judge,” explains Dutton.

“In like sausage eating?,” inquires the co-host.

“Yeah,” laughs Dutton as they both grin. “King of Kovbasa and local sausage makers is where they all make their best and enter it.”

“It’s February 9 at 7 PM at Prarie Land park. Tickets are only $25. It’s for charity and you can get tickets online at pick a dick… oops!”

“Well, you’re thinking about sausage so,” consoles her co-host. “We were not drinking wine today.”

What’s funny is that Dutton makes the same slip moments later.