I guess this wouldn’t so much be Florida Man as much as Florida Wookiee? Floridian Darren Pickrem, 56, used to work for the Florida Fresh Vending Company. His recent actions show that it the company exercised sound judgement by getting rid of him.

You see, Darren was just arrested after he was caught on security cameras, stealing $623 from a pair of vending machines on Sunday. While dressed like Chewbacca. Amazingly, he still managed to let the cameras catch a solid look at his face!

It wasn’t long before the felonious wookiee was booked and then released on $2,000 bond. Unfortunately for Pickrem, this is not his first offense. He has previous charges for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. I truly hope that he was wearing his Chewbacca costume for each of those as well.

Source: TSG