Let’s talk about the world’s luckiest unlucky man. ABC is reporting that a diver and spearfisherman out of Florida was on a little adventure over the weekend when he went from being the fisherman to the prey. The incident happened near Key Biscayne on Saturday morning when a shark took a bite out of the diver and then left him to fend for himself in the ocean. That’s the unlucky part.

Here’s the lucky part. Hot Shot Charters happened to have a fishing charter boat going by and the were able to pull him from the ocean and onto their vessel for safety. That’s pretty lucky, right? Nah, that’s not the lucky part. It turns out that the boat was filled with a bunch of nurses who were out on a day of fun.

One of the nurses spoke to the media and told them the wounds were more than just a nibble. In fact, his arm was ‘Mangled’ and he was covered in blood. Thankfully, the nurses flew into action and applied a tourniquet to his arm. Other nurses told reporters that he appeared to have bites in three different places on his body and that his muscles and skin were hanging off.

Within 20 minutes, the boat captain had them back to a state park where emergency services were waiting to take the diver to the hospital, where he is currently recovering from his injuries.