Field of Dreams will always be my favorite baseball movie and it seems like the 1989 classic is still loved by more than a few people. Today it was announced that a real-life Field of Dreams type game will take place in 2020 between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox.

Here’s the statement from ESPN:

“Field of Dreams is an iconic, generational baseball story built upon a deep love of the game that transcends even the most impossible of circumstances,” White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said in a statement. “The filmmakers tell a beautiful story that resonates to this day. It is an incredible honor for the White Sox franchise to be the home team against the Yankees in a special setting that will capture everyone’s imagination just like the movie does. It seems very fitting that 30 years after the film’s debut, MLB will build a ballfield in an Iowa cornfield where we will come to play a game so that baseball fans can create their own memories to be cherished for decades.”

If you’ve never seen the classic, which starred Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, and Ray Liotta, you are missing out. Check out the trailer for the film below. Also, please don’t ever remake this movie.