If you live anywhere near a Disney Theme Park, then you know that it is Star Wars Weekends time again! If you’ve never been, SW weekends is more than just characters walking around for photo ops and autographs. This year they are unveiling the new and improves Star Tours ride and there are also tons of great shows that you can go to. One of the weirdest shows would have to be Hyperspace Hoopla. Think of it as a cross between American Bandstand and Dancing With The Stars… but with Star Wars characters.

If you thought that the Star Wars Christmas Special was the most awkward thing you have ever seen with a wookie in it… wait until you see Chewbacca dancing to Guns n Roses ‘Welcome To the Jungle’ and Darth Vader dancing to Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You”.

There’s tons of characters in this dance show. You’ll even see C3P0 doing The Robot!