You’d think we’d heard enough of the Gangnam Style parodies… well, when you actually get the guy who played Lo Pan to participate, there is always room for one more!

Who would have guessed you could combine Psy’s Gangnam style with something as awesome as Big Trouble In Little China!?!?


Godfather of Little China king and a warrior
Entombed inside this crippled form, appearances can fool ya
Like nothing you can understand but let me try and school ya
David Lo Pan, Mr. Burton

I own Wing Kong Exchange
Importing things from Peking province that are really strange
The working girls at the white tiger they all know my name
I bring the thunder and the lighting then I make it rain, I make it rain

I must please Ching Dai to be a real guy
Flesh and blood Flesh and blood
In search of my bride with dragon green eyes to lift this curse
Lift this curse then Ill Rule this universe beyond the grave grave grave

Heeeeey Green eyed lady

First you’re this basketcase on wheels now you’re an 8 feet tall maniac
Don’t want any trouble big or small, Dave
I just want my truck back
When crazies like you ask me if I paid my dues?
“Have you paid your dues, Jack!?”
Yessir the check is in the mail

Oh no I’m not insane
I kidnap Chinese girls as soon as they get off the plane
Cross checking iris colors til I match a creamy jade
Now then Miao Yin it’s timte for you to tame my burning blade, arrangements made

Gracie and Miao Yin,
That makes two women
Eyes of green, What does it mean?
Oh Mighty Ching Dai, won’t you hear my cry:
Fulfill my oath I’ll marry both
Kill the round eye make the other one my slave slave slave Indeed!!!

Needle Love, in your arm I must shove
Then maybe baby we can prove that I am flesh and blood
Six demon bag, Egg Shen you shouldn’t have
I drank your peasant magic portion and it made me gag and take a $h!7.