27-year-old Annfaye Kao of Taichung, Taiwan, is just your typical Disney cartoon loving geek. So naturally doing what geeks do, she spent three months having the colorful world of Disney tattooed all over her body.

Annfaye’s stunning work features mainly Show White and her seven dwarves, along with with Queen Grimhilde and Bambi. In an interview with The Daily Mail, she mentioned that the idea for the tattoo came to her in a dream:

“As a child I used to imagine I was Snow White in a fairytale so it seemed like a good thing to have tattooed on my back,” she said. “Snow White is a part of my childhood and therefore me, so I’m happy I will have it on me forever – it reminds me of my princess dream.”

Annfaye admits the intensive inking process was painful, but it was ultimately worth it in the end – she won an award at a Singapore tattoo competition after its completion.

Source: CBC