YouTuber Ryan from The Warp Zone saw “X-men: First Class” over the weekend and was inspired to write a song in parody of Born This Way by Lady Gaga. As a result he has created this hilariously geeky inadvertent X-Men anthem. Everything about it is epic right now to Ryan’s snazzy costume as Magento and acoustic sound.

It doesn’t matter if you love men, or X-M-E-N
Just put your Claws up!
‘Cause you were born this way, baby

Professor told me when I was young
I was born with super powers
I slicked my hair and put some spandex on
Ain’t no yellow suits like ours
Government thinks that we’re a threat
But they don’t have the right to say
You can’t shoot laser beams out of your head
Though you might have trouble getting laid

I’m a mutant, not gay
I think God made a mistake
But I’m an X-man baby
I was born this way
Just hide yourself in our school
Iceman keeps it so cool
I’m an X-Man baby
I was born this way

In the Blackbird, fly away
Blow your mind just like Jean Grey
Baby I was born this way
Havok’s gonna save the day
With his blast of plasma ray
We are the X Men, baby
We were born this way

Raise up your claws like Wolverine
Or let it out with a Banshee scream
red, blue, steel, or hairy chest
scaly pores or diamond breasts
If your super abilities
Killed your friends or families
Just lay low with us today
Cause baby you’re kinda stuck this way

No matter good, bad, or both
Team X or Team Magneto
We can be best friends except
For that douche bag Pyro
We made a movie again
Wolverine Origins
Was a fluke now First Class
Is an epic win!

In the Blackbird fly away
Blow your mind
We are the X-Men
We were born this way!