Like something out of the 1970s, Rickey Purdin spotted these scrumptious DC superhero treats at his local grocery aisle. Green Lantern may not be pimping out Hostess cakes anymore in 2010, but he’s certain got his sights on some fuzzy looking Glo Balls…

With Warner Bros.’ pushing hard to promote their upcoming DC properties, it doesn’t surprise me to see DC superheroes plastered on Hostess products hawking sweet cakes once more.

But Hal Jordan isn’t the only one getting in on the fun, The Flash has his own version Hostess’ famous cakes with The Flash Cake. They’re not as fancy as the Green Lantern Glo Balls however. They’re just your regular chocolate cakes topped with yellow and red Flash-like sprinkles! WANT!

Check out Purdin’s pictures below:

Source: GreatWhiteShark