Have you ever wondered whether Twilight books can stop a variety of bullets? If you’re sitting at your screen nodding your head and saying “yes” then we have good news for you!

Firearms enthusiast Brad Poynter who also fancies himself as a scientist has set out to answer that very question! Here’s what he had to say:

As a scientist, albeit a mad one, I am interested in mass social trends like Twilight. The Twilight movies may be the reason Edward and his lycanthropic pal Jacob are so popular, but it all started with the novels. However, after much discussion with many people caught up in Twilight mania, the real Twilighters (their word, not mine) said that most people can only make it through the first book of the series. Interesting.

So if the Twilight saga can stop most people from making it through to the end, can the Twilight series stop a bullet?

You can watch his “experiment” and the startling results below:

For more information, hit up his site.