YOutuber taltigolt has just released a video of his newest mods for Gt4 and it is going to make Portal fans very happy. His newest mods allow you to play GT4 as either Atlas or P-Body in the game. It also allows both to be played in co-op. You’ve got to check this out if you are fan of either of the games.

Here’s the official video description with link to download the GT4 Portal Mods:
thankyou to

for making this for me after i asked :D

also thankyou to

for help in texturing


for help in converting the models to .max format and other help


for all other help

thats it i never get tired of this game i simply never do it is the best game ever made it’s god like gta 5 next:)

this video was abit rushed as the author insisted i’d upload it today and after rockstar games featured my other videos i thought it wasn’t a bad idea to upload it now :D

this mod both atlas and p-body can be downloaded at