Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Production just announced their plans to make a full-length film that is based on the French animated short, Bad Toys 2.

The short, which was created by Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste, “blends animation with live-action as the focus shifts between a child playing with his toy cars and the intense action sequence that is playing out within his imagination.”

When it jumps to the big screen it will be about a father who recaptures the excitement of his childhood through playing with his son’s toys. We are going to make the leap here and guess that Sandler will be said dad.

This isn’t Happy Madison’s only toy film in the pipeline. They are currently making Candy Land and a Tonka Truck film for Hasbro.

If he promises not to play his own twin, I might even be willing to see this one.

Here’s the short that the film is based on:

Source: Comingsoon