Typographer Chacho Puebla has created some great new world advice that he’s delivering through the old world adorableness of a Grandma (or in this case, his great aunt). He’s taken some very informative signs that he’s created and, along with his sister the photographer, has created what is likely to be the base set of images for thousands of memes over the next several months.

Here’s what Chacho has to say about the work:

Grandmother Tips
Just a few tips that my grandmother should have given me, but unfortunately never did.
For a long time I´ve been wanting to do something with one of my sisters, my great-aunt and typography.
Not all together, but it just turned out that way.

As my son gets older and I get more grey hair, I wonder what kind of advice will I give to my grandkids.
My three grandmothers where always giving me sermons instead of tips. “Be carfeul with your money”. “Don´get invloved with that girl”, “Save”, “Get a haircut, you look like a hippie”, and all those classic parent, grandparent comments.

When you´re younger you think you´ll never fall into that same kind of discourse, until you find yourself talking about stupid (cliché) stuff with your kid, about how important school is and if you don´t have a degree you´re nobody. I hope I can give better advice some day. In the meantime, here are some tips my grandmother should have given me.

The photo is of my great-aunt. The photographer one of my sisters, Lula.

Source: Nerdcore