New Hello Kitty Lingerie – 100% Pedo Bear Approved! Lingerie manufacturer Hanky Panky just announced that they’ll be teaming up with Sanrio to produce new, sexy undergarments for grown women who love Hello Kitty.

We do have to say that the preview images that have come out so far are very cute and very tasteful. I imagine you could do some pretty NSFW things with a smiling kitten face on pair of panties or a bra.

The line comes out in May and prices will range from $27-$98. They haven’t said if the head bow will be for sale, but cosplay kittens all over the world have their paws crossed.

David Marchi of Sanrio said, “A lot of people think this is jut a brand for kids and teens, but many women 18 years and older have grown up with Hello Kitty and can relate to the brand in a more adult way.”

Source: clutter