Sesame Street has many different incarnations all over the world, Tonight, as Passover begins at sunset, we thought it might be a nice little treat to bring you this little nugget from the Israeli version of the show, Shalom Sesame. It is a Passover themed parody of Les Miserables called: Les Matzarables.

On the off chance that this video makes no sense to you, it is a reference to the piece of Matzah that the head of the household hides during the special meals that take place on the first two nights of Passover(seders). The tradition of the hiding the matzah, or as it is called here, the Afikomen, is that the head of the household hides it and then the kids search the house for it. When the kids find it, they either get a prize for it, or in some homes, they can negotiate a price for it’s release back to the head of the household. Usually, you can’t have dessert until the afikomen has been returned.