I’m pretty sure I know how the planning meeting went down that resulted in this ad for PETA. It probably started with a couple angry people, dressed in clothing made entirely of hemp and sorrow talking about how we need more expose videos of slaughter houses. Next, a couple of more bubbly characters chimed in with a suggestion on a new celebrity that could get to go naked in an ad, maybe even Ron Jeremy… cause he’s the Hedgehog… and there’s probably some irony in there.

Then one guy jumped up and said “Hey, here’s an idea, let’s educate people about not eating meat by making a video with creepy dudes dancing around and swinging their veggie genitalia all around the screen.”

Everyone in the room jumped to their feet and yelled “BRILLIANT!”

On a serious note, this video not only makes me want to eat more meat, it kinda makes me want to start hunting people for sport. The thing is… if they were getting enough protein… and no, Soy doesn’t count… they wouldn’t be coming up with such insanely stupid ideas.