The first trailer is out from the new animated movie Escape from Planet Earth, written by the creator of Hoodwinked and a friend of YBMW, Cory Edwards. We’ve loved Cory’s work throughout the last couple of years and it looks like this new film will be no exception.

In the film “Astronaut Scorch Supernova finds himself caught in a trap when he responds to an SOS from a notoriously dangerous alien planet.” However, it just so happens that the dangerous alien planet in question is Earth.

Lending their voices to the film are: Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Jane Lynch, Paul Reubens, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and James Gandolfini.

Check out the trailer below, and if you haven’t seen it, Check out Cory Edward’s most recent work, Krogzilla Gets A Job.

Edwards has also been tapped to direct the Jim Henson company adaptation of Frog and Toad.