We don’t see all that much Harry Potter related goodness anymore. It seems that since the series ended, people are just not paying attention. They’d rather have their Hunger Games or any other franchise that they can latch on to.

Thankfully, there are still folks out there like AwesomenessTV who are willing to take the time and loving care to take one of our favorite characters of all time and… kick him in the nuts repeatedly as he swears like a sailor.

Official Description
when Bellatrix Lestrange puts the cursing curse on Harry, his potty mouth gets him into more trouble than normal.

Harry: Alex Goyette
Hermione: Whitney Milam
Ron: Austin Kolodney
Bellatrix: Kelly Hunt

Written by Alex Goyette and Bob Castrone & Jason Zumwaltz
Directed by Alex Goyette
Produced by Matthew Fredrick
Composed by Matthew Fredrick
VFX Editor Will Osman