That is the question that people are asking after someone uploaded a phone from their video that allegedly captures a view of the creature.

The woman, who was video taping her kids hiking through the woods and swapping mosquitoes (apparently Spokane is so boring that that qualifies as entertaining video fodder) said she didn’t even notice sasquatch in the background of her shot until she had uploaded it to the computer.

Many people are calling this video a fake for the simple reason that her only excuse for taking the video was that she finds watching her kids swatting mosquitoes to be funny. Additionally, some Youtubers say they can tell that the “beast” is a Caucasian, that he is wearing socks, and even that he might be wearing a shirt.

Maybe what they mistake as a a Caucasian wearing a shirt is actually a monster wearing the hide of a human that he’s killed and eaten… Watch the video and you be the judge.