I was walking through the local grocery story yesterday, Publix (or as the locals call it Pubix), and shortly after spotting an eggplant with a weird nose-like growth coming out of it, I found myself if the dairy aisle. in between the whipped cream and next to the pre-made mashed potatoes was a sight that was so odd, I actually had to take a picture of it and send it to a friend.

I had stumbled upon a product that was so odd and poorly named that I wasn’t sure whether I should buy it, get nauseous, or just start laughing. So what was it you ask?

Well, it was none other than the original, organic…. BATTER BLASTER.

I know, it sounds awful, but what is it? It sure isn’t some sort of weird fertility enhancer for men. It’s pancake and waffle batter that shoots out of a can like easy cheese.

What the heck were these people thinking? Sure, the name makes people talk, but what mother wants to hear their children asking for a hot batter blaster breakfast?