Spider Style, a ‘Specialist Cleaning Services Entity and Rope Access’ facility company recently opened with offices based in France and Qatar. But Spider Style isn’t your typical large-scale cleaning company. They send a dedicated team of abseiling ‘superheroes’ to inspect, fix, and clean building facades from the top down and they’ll even do it “Spidey” – style by donning Spider-Man suits.

“Abseiling, or rappelling, refers to the use of ropes to scale steep slopes and is popularly used amongst rock-climbers. We’ve adapted the technique for use in the cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and residential buildings,” said Mazen Harake, Managing Director of Spider-Style.

Spider-Style’s technicians are all highly-trained, highly-skilled and experienced abseilers who are happy to combine their technical proficiencies with their love of abseiling, in order to perform their duties.

In fact, ‘Spider-Man’ was recently seen performing the final cleaning duties on the facade of the new Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach. Passersby and visitors were noticeably amused by the aerial acrobatics of Spider-Style’s cleaning technician, who used his ‘spider-sense’ to abseil with grace along the hotel’s exterior while occasionally waving to admiring spectators.

“We believe in finding the passion and fun in everything we do. If we can have Spiderman clean our exterior, then why not? It puts a smile on people’s faces,” commented Mövenpick General Manager, Peter O’Connor.

I guess it’s true, Spider does whatever Spider can, even if it is washing windows. Hey, the economy’s been rough.

Source: ameinfo