Here’s conclusive refutable evidence from a very scientific study that shows how a woman’s brain ultimately works. As if we really need a study to explain what’s already common knowledge!

Of course, we understand that this is just some bitter old fun as our very own RN (Registered Nerd) MissBonnified is a woman and quite a predator when it comes to stalking and preying on nerdy nervous geeks.

3 thoughts on “How A Woman’s Brain Works”

  1. I see a little problem with this study. There is no “no” option when we’re asked “Are you a dumb idiot with a very low IQ”.

    Uh oh!

    Geeks, nerds and dorks are so cute. I want to pinch their cheeks and steal their glasses. :D

  2. Ouch.
    And wrong in my own opinion, being a women who doesn’t value money, I’d prefer a guy that doesn’t drink or do drugs, doesn’t cheat and ‘geeks’ can be pretty hot, a guy who knows a lot about a lot is brilliant, I love having a boyfriend I can go to when I don’t know the answer and he’d talk me through it, or who is deeply interested in certain topics and would sit and talk for hours with so much affection and interest in it ^.^’… I loved the movie The Social Network, and could’ve easily jizzed over Michael Cera xD

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