File this in the same category as the morons who get arrested for calling the cops to report their weed has been jacked. Monica Hargrove was recently charged with robbery and kidnapping related to her robbing a friend at gunpoint. With a warrant out for her arrest, the cops turned to the common practice of posting the mugshots of fugitives on Facebook. Little did they expect what would happen next.

The Columbus PD received a phonecall from Hargrove. It turns out that she had seen the mug shot on Facebook and was demanding that it be taken down because the shot was so unflattering. To get it taken care of, she agreed to come down to the police station so that arrangements could be made to have it removed.

To no one’s surprise but her own, she was arrested the moment that she set foot in the police station and formally charged for her crimes. Don’t worry, the story does have a silver lining. Hargrove was allowed to take a new mug shot when she was booked.


Source: Myfox28