For those unfamiliar with Improve Everywhere, they’re a band of improv thespians that show up unannounced usually singing or dancing in public places. Well for the newest “mission,” as they call it, 30 Improv Everywhere agents decided it would be funny to attend a random funeral and turn it into the greatest funeral ever.

Looking through the obituary section of the newspaper, they picked a man who had very few surviving relatives and made it their mission to show up to his funeral. Check out the video below.

Pretty funny right? Well apparently it pissed a lot of people off who thought it was rather insensitive of them to pull such stunt. The local CW news even aired a story about it asking viewers to chime in on whether or not they felt Improv Everywhere had too far this time…

Well, the joke’s on EVERYONE. The whole gag was really just an elaborated April Fools joke. Yes, that means the funeral was staged, the remaining “family members” were all actors and one of the greatest April Fools joke had just been successfully pulled off. Somewhere you just know that the entire Improve crew is pointing their finger at those fooled and and pulling a Nelson from The Simpsons.

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