Are you always forgetting your luggage in the airport? Probably not. If you are, then there’s a good chance that you are getting tackled by security and hauled off for a mildly invasive cavity search. However, if you are, and you aren’t ending up with a TSA agent elbow deep in your back door, this might just be the thing for you.

It seems we’re surrounded by “intelligent” objects in our daily lives now — smartphones, smartwatches, even smart thermostats. But one thing most of us probably haven’t expected to go high-tech is our luggage. That’s all changing with the world’s first “intelligent” suitcase, a robot named Olive created by the German design team IKAP-Robotics.

The Olive Robotic Suitcase is either the coolest or doucheiest piece of luggage that I’ve ever seen. This piece of smart luggage recognizes you by pairing with your phone. It can then follow you with the use of a an internal camera. If that’s not enough, it will lock itself when you walk away from it, it will serve as a power station for your mobile devices, and it will even let you be mocked by one and all as you climb on it’s wheels and ride it like a Segway!

The Olive is not currently available for purchase, but it just won a major design award in Germany and the company is looking for investors. When it does hit the market, you can expect it to cost more than the trip that you are taking it on.

Source: Inhabitat