As I write this, I realized that no one is reading it. They are all outside, with their noses buried in their phones, trying to catch a Snorlax. However, when they come up for air, they are going to see this and realize that we’ve got the kind of Pokemon treat that doesn’t come in an egg and can’t be won in a gym battle.

Long after your iPhone dies, a Gold Pikachu pendant will still be shining brightly around your neck. At least that’s what the creators of the U-treasure by collection are hoping. They’ve created necklaces, engagement rings and wedding bands perfectly suited for any Poke fan. There’s even a Pokeball Wedding Band for when you want to really let someone know “I Choose You!”.

If you are one of the first 400 people to place an order, you’ll get your jewelry in a special, limited edition Pokeball Gift Case, but even if you order after, you’ll still get a nice little Poke Ball Box.

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Source: Fashionablygeek