We’ve got some extra time on our hands right now and that means our minds have the time to come up with weird questions that no one would ever ask. It turns out that we aren’t the only ones. 3D Printer and artist Wayne Winged Angel is a massive talent that we stumbled upon today and we can already tell you that this is not the last post we’ll be doing about him and his creations. He’s got an insane ability when it comes to not only 3D printing but also when it comes to applying beautifully detailed paints.

Today we wanted to show off a custom 3D printed figure he created based on The Incredible Hulk. The only difference is, this Hulk isn’t green. He’s still got his fleshy peach coloring. Oh, and he’s also covered in Yakuza tattoos. It’s a take on Big Green that you’ve never seen before, it’s awesome. Check it out below, and then check out Wayne on Instagram and on his Youtube Channel.