Christopher Anspach, 28, of Newton, Iowa, was recently sentenced to 10 days in jail for failing to return books and other items he checked out earlier this year from his local library.

When Anspach did not respond to repeated attempts to contact him via telephone and certified mail, Newton Public Library officials turned the matter over to police and the city attorney, according to District Court records.

Anspach pleaded guilty on August 31 to a misdemeanor theft count in connection with his failure to return 27 separate items (books and other media) that library management valued at $770.67. Along with being ordered to pay restitution to the library, Anspach was fined $625.

Anspach, a Pizza Hut employee, is currently serving his sentence at the Jasper County jail.

Lesson learned folks, always return your library books. If they send their “collection agency” after you, they mean business.

Source: thesmokinggun