My jaw literally dropped when I saw Casey Putsch’s video of him starting up and driving his custom built Batmobile. This beast is a replica of the Batmobile seen in the classic 1989 Tim Burton “Batman” film starring Michael Keaton.

According to Putsch’s website, the vehicle ” is registered and insured for the street and features a military spec Boeing turbine engine that was used in a drone helicopter by the Navy to drop torpedoes on enemy submarines.” Putsch (29), an aspiring racing driver taught himself about turbine engines and successfully rebuilt this surplus engine himself.

The Batmobile was built in only five months utilizing military surplus and car racing parts.

“If you believe in my business, I can build you almost anything and more importantly if you believe in me as a driver, I’m more than happy to take your name all the way to Indy and bring you home a 500 win,” says Putsch.

The Batmobile recently debuted at the very prestigious Ault Park Concours d’Elegance in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 12th.

Source: GeekTyrant