I’ve got no problem with guns. I’m never going to argue about whether people should have them. This isn’t that. What I will do is point out scary crap that pops into the world and makes you say WTF! There’s a new gun out that that bring the concept of concealed weapon to a whole other level and it has officials around the world freaked the F#$@ out.

It’s called the Ideal Conceal Pistol and it is a collapse-able .380 caliber pistol that looks like a common smart phone until you push a button and it springs into its intended form. The gun costs around $400 and the Minnesota-based company designed the gun already has 12,000 pre-orders.

On one hand, this looks like one of the ultimate weapons that Q could have ever invented for James Bond. It’s hard to deny that it looks really cool. However, there’s the other side of the equation where police around the world are now worried that it will be easier than ever to sneak a gun past security and shoot people. I get both sides of the argument and they both have merit. Just because you can make a gun like this and sell it, should you? It’s not for me to say. That said, if this gun is used in a crime and it’s design was a factor in sneaking it past security, they can expect one hell of a lawsuit.

Source: Damngeeky