Nine ways guys pee… pretty self explanatory. This cute comic was created by cartoonist Jamie Smart and the high-quality print of it is available at his webstore.

In case you were wondering about why some various peeing positions were left out, here’s what Smart had to say about that:

I should clarify, i notice a lot of people asking why certain peeing positions have been left out of the list, such as the hands-free, the one hand against the wall, etc. There are 2 reasons for this 1) the list was intended more as a list of trials men have to endure while peeing, things that make it difficult and the ways we try and counteract it. More that than just different positions we stand in. I shoulda made that clearer in the title, so I’ve amended it to show that. and 2) it’s a list, it’ll never include everything, and i was tired. THANKS AGAIN!**

Source: fumboo